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Founded in 1982, Color Craft Studios continues to grow in innovation and quality. We have two main divisions, the Portrait Fund-Raising Division and the Church Directory Division, as well as other programs from which your church or organization can choose, including Old-Time Portraits, Touch of Elegance Portraits and much more!

As a leader in the industry, we have the flexibility to meet your needs, the experience to guarantee that you and your family have a great portrait, and the ability to offer you the highest quality portraits at an affordable price.

When it comes to service, Color Craft Studios extends its hand in more ways than one. Not only was Color Craft Studios founded on the grounds of providing churches and organizations the ability to make memories last forever through portrait fund-raising and church directory programs, our desire is to help meet the needs of a needy world in whatever capacity we are able. We see the need for housing, education and employment around the world, and strive to make a difference by partnering with World Harvest Outreach in their efforts to reach the nations. We also regularly support Christian education. It is important to us to see children trained in the ways of Christ so that they, too, can have the education and the opportunity to go and show the love of Christ to all nations.

When you partner with Color Craft Studios, you are doing more than providing your church or organization with profitable portrait fund-raising or the highest quality directories available. You are extending your hand into the world, and through Color Craft Studios, you are helping to meet the needs of a needy world!