Church Directories

A Pictorial Directory is an important ministry tool for all churches big or small. Color Craft offers a variety of programs and will work with you to build one that best suits your needs! We want everything we offer to be FREE so we have designed a way to do just that based on the amount of families photographed.

Pastor and Program Coordinator each receive their 10x13 FREE, a Bible and a family portrait package discount, with the minimum requirement of families photographed.

Each family photographed will receive a promotional size family portrait AND with a qualified program each family will receive a copy of the Pictorial Directory

A standard directory consists of:

  • Front cover
  • Pastor’s page
  • Full Color Activity page(s)
  • Family pages
  • Roster

We supply:

  • Appointment setting and reminder calls
  • Quickest turn-around in the industry
  • Proof book in less than 2 weeks
  • A CD of the families in the directory
  • Custom design for a personalized look
  • Unmatched quality
  • Outreach materials, bibles portrait business cards, ministry brochures and more!

Call today and find out how you can get FREE Directories for your church family!